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Growth Diligence

A private equity client came to me not too long ago looking for help to grow a portfolio company they just closed on.They shared a growth plan from a traditional consulting team and asked how we can implement it.We took a look through the plan.It was a pretty deck.It made sense…on the back of a napkin…but it wreaked of someone that hadn’t ever actually built a marketing program, someone that didn’t know how to run a go to market campaign or been on the hook for driving positive ROI growth ever.It was flawed and DOA.That plan cost the company well into the 6 figures and now we had to reboot.In the end, everything worked out though.We rebuilt the plan and went to market in under 90 days.6 months later we were ROI positive for the year, beating our acquisition targets by 125% and nearly tripled the LTV over the investment model.You wouldn’t pay a brick layer to cut your hair, right?So, why would you expect someone without relevant experience to run growth diligence during a transaction or build the organic growth plan for your new investment?We believe that marketing is a revenue center, not a cost center. Marketing at its core, like your sales team, should focus on selling and driving revenue. Everything else is secondary.We work with private equity and family office investment teams to make smarter decisions around marketing investments and we build high trust organic growth plans for team to execute in-house.Whether you’re pre-LOI, mid-transaction, transitioning, going to market or prepping for an exit, we can partner with your team to do the marketing and growth things right.Think this is a fit for your team and want to lear more about our offerings?Send us an email.Talk soon.Sean WilkinsFounder, GSD Marketing[email protected]

Growth Solutions

Customer Growth
Unlock organic growth by building strong customer engagement that drives upsell, cross-sell and renewals.

Product-Led Growth
Leverage your product engagement and customer data to identify high-impact growth levers and automated experiences.

Growth Automation
Scale your sales and marketing by leveraging automated outreach, nurture and intervention experiences.

Data Strategy & Roadmapping
Our use case focused approach builds a shared set of tools to align ENG, Data, Growth, Product and Sales.

Sample Projects

B2B Lifecycle Marketing
The Ask: Build the foundational Lifecycle Marketing Solution Set and Experience Strategies for a SaaS CDP Platform and coach their team on best practices to drive customer adoption and growth.
Services: Process Audits for Sales and CS Teams, Experience Design, Productized Service Design, Sales Enablement and Team Coaching.Results: Built a set of Foundational Lifecycle Marketing Experiences for the CS team to sell-in to platform clients, coached the CS Team in when/how to best engage clients to increase adoption, platform stickiness and organic revenue growth.

Automated Churn Intervention
The Ask: identify opportunities to reduce churn earlier in the customer lifecycle for a global real estate client.
Services: Program, Experience and Account Management Audits, Zero and First Party Data Strategy, Marketing and CX Automations, Process Design, Delivery Planning and Oversight.Results: Built an automated churn intervention program pushing weekly prompts for CS/CX team members to engage with 5 at-risk accounts. Reduced CX and Sales outreach workload with priority acct. prompts. Increased NPS with earlier proactive service interventions.

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